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Path by Bross 09.11.2017

Path, the family of chairs designed by CarlesiTonelli for Bross, is characterized by curves and harmonious lines which create a contemporary design, with references to the memory and tradition. Declined in the armchair, chair and stool version, the collection has an ash or beech wood frame, stained or lacquered, which, thanks to the skilful craftsmanship, becomes a decorative theme: the tapered legs, join the seat, formed by the combination of a thin profile in view, always in wood, and a covered cushion that reflects perfectly the silhouette. The back, however, has an opening that guarantee the best ergonomic and defines the personality of this project of furniture.

Available in leather or fabric, with handmade stitching in view, has an upholstery that extends to cover the profile of the seat in correspondence to the inclined rear legs, with an aesthetic detail of great elegance. Finally, in the armchair, the body becomes an enveloping shell, elongated to form a comfortable support for the arms.

Ideal for furnishing contract and residential areas, Path is a versatile furniture: the structure and upholstery can be chosen in the same colours, or in contrast, handing the image of a timeless product or a lively object.

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