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Organizing space 16.07.2020

Big or small it may be, the secret that makes a kitchen really functional is space optimisation. Organizing the distribution of accessories, utensils and dishes allows you to move in an orderly and rational space, where everything is close at hand. ARAN Cucine, that always offers many possibilities of customization, provides many solutions to make the most of every square inch and to make accessible even the least accessible corners, so that each object finds its place without creating disorder.

Dividing your drawer internal space is essential to organize flatware, pots and dishes; in this way, in addition to separating them making them immediately recognizable, you can keep them better over time, preventing them from banging against each other. Available in various sizes, the wooden and aluminiumcutlery trays are equipped with different modules, some of which are also designed to store spices or kitchen rolls, and small boxes where you can store everything you need. Pull-out doors with baskets andinternal drawers, suitable for the kitchenware, can be equipped with tubular dividers that delimit the space and organize its contents at its best.

Columns and corner bases, equipped with rotating pull-out shelves, allow to use the entire depth of the cabinets very easily: in fact with a simple gesture you can keep everything close at hand, so you can easily view and reach all the items stored in the pantry.

Furthermore, the wall systems make usable a surface too often underestimate, which is the kitchenbacksplash. Magnetolab – as its name suggests – is a magnetic panel where you can place specific steel accessories such as hooks, shelves, or tablet holders. With maximum freedom of movement, you can move objects where you need them whenever you want, while the backlight will allow a better visibility on the kitchen worktop. An additional wall element is Dama aluminium frame, a modular system that can be equipped with shelves and hooks to make room for food items, utensils or many other small objects.

And last, but not least, under-sink compartments, almost always used to ‘hide’ rubbish and store some cleaning products. In this case ARAN Cucine provides pull-out bins available in various sizes, suitable for separate waste collection and equipped with anti-odour filter and aluminium shelves, perfect for storing sponges and detergents.

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