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Opera3b introduces MAXXIGLOSS® and MAXXIMATT® 19.04.2016

Opera3B creates techno-surfaces for the furniture industry and the set-up of private, contract, stand and showroom spaces. On the occasion of the 2016 Salone del Mobile, Opera3B will showcase MAXXIGLOSS® and MAXXIMATT®, two complimentary panels with one-of-a-kind high- performance features.

MAXXIGLOSS® e MAXXIMATT® can be used by businesses, architects, interior designers and product designers. They are suitable for vertical surfaces in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and interior spaces, but also for horizontal spaces such as surface tops, console surfaces, shelves and the like.
Thanks to their high-abrasion resistance, chemical agents and, in particular, the fact their surface colour does not change even when exposed to direct sunlight, Opera3B panels have great durability and for this reason are suitable for contract spaces which are used around the clock.

In order to ensure maximum reliability, the Opera3B finishings are added directly to the FSC-certified MDF and CARB class P2 chipboard panels, in conformity with the international regulations on safety and eco-compatibility.

Glossy or matt? MAXXIGLOSS® and MAXXIMATT® are PVC-free techno-panels, patented by Opera3B and treated shiny acrylic paints (92 gloss) or matt acrylic paints (5 gloss).
In addition to their singular design with a surprising effect, the colours of both finishings are highly resistant, making it easy to reproduce the shades available in standard or custom-made versions, in order to adapt to any style or location requirement. Furthermore, the stability of the colour allows for perfectly identical batches; therefore, in the event of any problem, new panels can be added to pre- existing structures or can also be substituted. Finally, the MAXXIMATT® surface is velvety to the touch, warm and, more importantly, anti-fingerprint.

MAXXIMATT® is also available in four incredible colour schemes which balance the satin effect of the surface and a palette of colours which features a more ‘urban’ vibe, inspired by the world of metals. This is how the MAXXIMATT® panels come to life in titanium grey, lead blue, bronze brown and red gold, creating absolute, timeless elegance.

Harmony, warmth and a contemporary feel stamped onto reliable, high-performance supports. MAXXIGLOSS® and MAXXIMATT®: highly resistant innovative surfaces.

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