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Opera 21.10.2021

Opera is an office furniture collection by Newform Ufficio characterized by lighter and graceful shapes. It is a versatile line because suitable for any work context, whether it is an office or a home space.

The extremely essential style is particularly evident in the design of the structure which supports the desktops, the bookcases, or the storage units: a metal base with rigorous, geometric outlines softened by the internal curvature of the legs. To allow maximum customization, Newform Ufficio offers a wide range of colours and finishes: tabletops can be made with glass, melamine or laminate, and this last material can also come in the original Fenix NTM® finish, able to give a pleasant touch feeling. Moreover, to leave maximum design freedom and to meet any needs, the bookcases are modular: open units will be alternated with cabinets with door, thus creating a dynamism also enhanced by the possibility to play with colour contrasts. The simple design, at the same time sober and minimal, helps these furnishing elements to fit not only working but also residential contexts; both the table and the storage cabinet, in fact, may become protagonists of a dining or a living environment.

Designed more specifically for offices, on the other hand, here are the accessories that represent a ‘plus’ of the collection: not only ‘handy’ equipped units, cable routing channels, pop up sockets, but also back storage units, that allow to combine different workstations with multifunctional solutions. They are in fact large double-sided storage systems, where you can store many items and documents, but, if necessary, can turn into useful courtesy seats thanks to soft pillows placed on top. Pretty smart way to rethink the organization of space, optimizing what surrounds the desks, as effectively as possible.

A versatile collection with a refined design, then, Opera by Newform Ufficio, with its Made in Italy that pretty much expresses the concept of ‘opera’: the result of intellectual and conceptual work, characterized by extraordinary Italian know-how.



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