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OPERA. An Out-of-office Table. 17.10.2019

Riccardo Vincenzetti designed Opera for Newform Ufficio, an essential and light furniture collection, perfect for working environments… but not exclusively. The entire furnishing line is in fact the result of the evolution of a very specific design core, which centered around a table that wasn’t restricted to the “office space”.

Its sober and elegant design makes it perfect for any living environment, whether it’s a study, aliving room or a kitchen. A main feature is the metal base with rigorous contours, softened by the inner curvature of the legs. Available in different shapes and sizes, it can be combined, depending on tastes and needs, with various types of tops: from those in glass to those in laminate or melamine.

The result is a simple yet adaptable table, ready to be decontextualized and thus furnishing evenhome spaces, showing the ability of Newform Ufficio to offer solutions that are always ‘versatile’ and customizable.


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