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OPERA. A “work” for working. 17.10.2018

‘Among the many meanings of the word Opera in Italian, the relation to the outcome of intellectual and artistic work has always struck me the most’. With these words, architect and designer Riccardo Vincenzetti introduces the Opera collection by Newform Ufficio, born from the evolution of a project that originally saw a series of tables as protagonists.

These tables, characterized by a light but complex aluminium structure, have become the focus of a multitasking collection, enriched with modules used in conference rooms, classrooms, libraries and executive offices.

The design of the table is extremely essential: the aluminum base, with soft and rounded edges, is combined with tops available in various sizes and finishes, from LPL to glass, through laminate. An equally wide range of colors allows maximum customization, to define the ‘office space’ according to your needs. A concrete example of adaptability and versatility is the connection system between desks, the ‘under-desk’ compartments to store PCs and documents, the lifting columns equipped with electrical sockets to make each workstation stand out, the pedestals and the modular bookcases.

But the real strength of the Opera collection lies in the grace and lightness of the shapes, in the accuracy for every detail that makes it ideal even in residential contexts. A line of furniture completely Made in Italy to keep up with the times, meeting a trendy minimalist taste and the contemporary work needs of those who move between ‘home and work’ without interruption.

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