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Oceano, the new E.ion® System hood by Falmec 12.06.2017

Natural phenomena as lightnings, waterfalls and sea waves are regular sources of atmospheric ions, which in turn, thanks to their stimulating and energizing action, give a pleasant well-being sensation for body and mind. This process is re-created by Falmec, inside private homes, with the E.ion® System range of hoods. Through the bipolar controlled ionization, E.ion® System gets rid of odours up to 95%, and all those polluting agents as bacteria, dusts, exhaust fumes and chemicals found in house cleaners.

The new Oceano hood is part of this innovative range, with extraordinary performances both in odours filtration and in environment sanification. Geometrical pureness, minimal and contemporary style are the visual strongholds of this hood, which can extract air along its whole structure, presenting a much wider suction area.

As with all other E.ion® System solutions – Mare, Spring, Zephiro, Marilyn, Lumière, Eolo, Twister, Rubik and Libra – Oceano as well is equipped with a Leaf Sensor – which has become the callsign of the E.ion® Range – showing the presence of polluting agents, like formaldehyde or cigarette smoke.

The Leaf Sensor monitors the indoor air quality through its colour, which gradually goes from yellow (air to be purified) to green (pure air). This balancing process is completely automatic: when air quality degrades, the ionization system activates on its own. By avoiding the release of ozone in the atmosphere, controlled bipolar ionization grants an extraordinary level of purification and sanitization on the environment, and a substantial improvement of mood and focus on who is living in the house.

Oceano and all the E.ion® System hoods match an exclusive design and an easy installation system: no piping for the outlet of fumes is needed, nor masonry works whatsoever. This means high energy savings and maximum thermal comfort, since there is no heat dissipation in winter nor cool air leaks in summer. The result is a better visual impact and more freedom in placing the hood in the kitchen.

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