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No-Drop® System, the technology patented by Falmec that eliminates drops in the kitchen 27.11.2019

The constant and daily activity in the kitchen can cause annoying problems, such as the dripping of the condensed vapors. The condensation is unpleasant not only during cooking, but even harmful for furniture and wall units that make up the kitchen. This unpleasant phenomenon, accentuated by the use of induction hobs in which the absence of the flame prevents the partial disappearance of the vapors, is solved with the technology patented by Falmec, No-Drop® System.

The No-Drop® System technology comes to the solution of the problem by activating the use of a battery of metal filters with crossed blades, usually used to collect fats and oils deriving from cooking. The filters are arranged so as to capture every single particle of condensate, which slides by gravity along an inclined channel and then conveyed into a special manifold that facilitates collection and disposal.

The same filters are treated on the surface with a particular coating that prevents the formation of drops of condensation; in this way the cooking vapors are pulverized in micro drops and evenly distributed on the surface to then finally be aspirated.
With the new No-Drop® System, Falmec offers the integrated solution in the Virgola No-Drop wall unit available in sizes 60, 90 and 120 cm.

In stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish, Virgola No-Drop is equipped with a rotatable tempered glass cover plate, an electronic 3-speed + boost push-button panel, an efficient motor with a capacity of 800 m3/h and Dynamic LED Light, which allows you to adjust the tone of light heat according to your needs.

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