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Newform Ufficio: multi-workstations with Kamos Pure 27.05.2020

Kamos is one of Newform Ufficio’s widest and most versatile collections. Whether it’s for large corporate areas, coworking or small private offices, its Pure and Plus versions will allow you to furnish any space. At a time when it is necessary to rethink the organization of work and the distribution of workstations, some Kamos Pure solutions show all their functionality.

Ideal in open-space offices, the multi-workstation system allows you to create ‘small oases’ to ensure distancing, privacy and concentration. These compositions include desks, storage units, pedestals, shelves and – above all – integrated perimeter partitions. In this way, each ‘cubicle’ could become a sort of private room, also equipped with sofas and tables for small meetings or moments of relax. The wide range of finishes and matching possibilities let you uniform the style not only between the worktops and the partitions, but also with all the other furnishing accessories.

In this way, without distorting the office setup, it is possible to ensure the right distance between people, to let them move in a space where they can balance moments of sharing and exchange with those to gather ideas to act individually with equal efficiency.

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