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The Piso Huertos in Maiorca, home to creations by Catellani & Smith 18.02.2021

The private home of Piso Huertos lies on the beautiful island of Maiorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. It’s an apartment that’s both romantic and contemporary, distinguished by a colour palette that favours relaxing tones, such as the white of the walls with their decorative cornices, the range of light greys found in the large rug and accessories, and the sage green of the kitchen. The choice of colours is also in dialogue with the richness of the wood found in the furnishings, in the recessed bookshelves and in the parquet flooring.

But the element that really captures the eye is the dramatic PostKrisi 49 chandelier by Catellani & Smith suspended above the round table. The unspoken star of this light-filled space, it brings together the kitchen and living area in a unified zone. The 100cm fiberglass hemisphere, painted white, sits harmoniously in the soft colours of this home, while the gold-coloured leaf covering the inside of the diffuser bathes all around it in a rich, warm light. When the light is turned on, the irregular fringe of the fiberglass which decorates the edge of the hemisphere creates mesmerising plays of light and shade, setting off the small, carefully-curated dining zone perfectly.

However, the PostKrisi chandelier is not the only Catellani & Smith creation present in the space. With a more minimal and discreet beauty, the Wa Wa mod.B provides a useful bright spot for reading, positioned on a wall above the corner sofa. With a base and support in metal, nickel-plated copper rods and an unusual removable glass lens, the Wa Wa mod.B is the epitome of simplicity and lightness.

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