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MY home collection goes a shade of Ultra Violet 11.01.2018

Eccentric and provocative, the new colour, Ultra Violet, Pantone Color of the Year 2018 has also won over MY home collection, which has always implemented the expressive power of colour as one of its most distinguishing features. A vibrant and bold shade of purple, a symbol of experimentation and creativity that surpasses every limit, and which lends MY home collection furnishings a strong personality and a decidedly spirited temperament.

An example of this is the Chemise armchair, designed by Ilaria Innocenti and Giorgio Laboratore from studio li-do, which accentuates the roundness of its design thanks to the abundance of fabric upholstery, bound by a tubular loop-belt. Another example is Bulé that stands out for its special mushroom-shaped design, inspired by nature’s organic, live and constantly moving language. Part seat, part footstool, this ottoman designed by Lorenzo Palmeri can also turn into a convenient storage surface which can sometimes be used instead of a classic coffee-table.

MY home collection also offers the Jolie armchair and the Weekend sofa in the Ultra Violet shade, both of which designed by Angeletti Ruzza Design. Thanks to the polyurethane foam and duck down padding, with its soft, enveloping shapes, Jolie protects the user like a warm embrace, offering the utmost levels of comfort. A double layer of fabric and a welcoming design are the characteristic traits of the Weekend sofa, the tubular legs of which outline the frame, highlighting the contrast between the composure of the seat and the comfortable cushioning on the backrest and armrest.

These are bold choices with a strong styling impact, also capable of adapting to more conventional settings.

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