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Music inspires the New Drum Collection by Giuseppe Viganó 29.11.2022

Following the Blues collection, Giuseppe Viganó turns to a more electronic beat with his latest collection, Drum. The designer explains that drum machines, which are used in electronic music recordings, to measure time, and to reproduce a myriad of sounds based on other percussion instruments, served as his main influence when creating the collection.

Electronic music revolves around a strong rhythmic core built with specific instruments. Likewise, the beat of time in the new Drum line is marked by the modularity of the sofa.
A contemporary movement outlines every detail of the upholstery, from the central section, with its large seat, to the side panels covered in woven leather or smooth fabric.
The sofa, supported by a walnut wood structure with metal details, simultaneously produces a feeling of softness and solidity.
The association with infinite sound possibilities is articulated in the wide range of customisations granted by the nature of the Drum sofa.
The Drum model can be “fixed,” in the form of a two and three-seater armchair, or in the modular version. This range of composition possibilities is a thorough response to varied tastes and preferences, as well as different space requirements. Turri’s attention to detail and manufacturing skill are further expressed in the customisation of the side panels on the armrests, which can be upholstered in smooth or woven leather.

The complex timbre of Drum also resonates in the rectangular coffee table – an additional element that can be integrated into the sofa configuration to complete the composition.

The coffee table, available in a rectangular or square version, and the round side table, which imitates the rhythm of the Drum sofa, are completed by details in matte light platinum metal and are equipped with wooden or marble top.

The deliberate absence of decorative elements, in favor of attention to detail and formal refinement, reflect the direction that Turri has taken in recent years. It is part of Turri’s mission to focus on a decidedly more contemporary style, while continuing the brand’s commitment to uniqueness and high standards of quality which are central to the DNA of the company.

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