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Museum Collection 25.01.2024

The evocative capsule that brings art history to walls

Transform every space into a masterpiece. With WallPepper®/Group’s Museum Collection capsule, interior design reaches a unique and fascinating new dimension. Wallpaper becomes a means to communicate art and customize living areas, for individuals or in the hospitality domain.

Thanks to a valuable collaboration with SCALA Archives, a major, rich, digital and analogue archive featuring works of art, WallPepper®/Group was able to select over 40 masterpieces to bring to life through its wallpapers. These combine aesthetics, authenticity and culture to everyday life experiences.

From charming views to great monuments and architecture, from the wonders of nature to starry skies, from bright colors to abstract, mesmerizing constructions. The extraordinary suggestions evoked by great artists are gathered in three different volumes: Classics, Impressionists and Modernists.

The works of art included in the Museum Collection capsule are accurately replicated using sustainable inks and high-quality PVC-free supports, made of textile fibres, agave and cellulose. They are all exclusively customized to perfectly adapt to the covered area’s proportions. Each work can be manufactured in any material available in the selection (sound-absorbing, waterproof, etc.). This allows complete freedom in the space design, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, as well as the chance to explore different kinds of settings.

From Canaletto to Claude Monet, from Vincent van Gogh to Gustav Klimt, the Museum Collection breathes new and surprising life into the museum’s works of art. It creates immersive and fascinating perspectives, making art more accessible and connected to daily life. With this special capsule collection, WallPepper®/Group points out the constant evolution of wallpaper’s role, not only as a contemporary interior design tool, with the ability to enhance and define spaces but also as an exceptional decorative opportunity for creative expression.

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