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More than 400 duka shower enclosures for the only Robinson Club in Italy 23.05.2017

Right in the heart of the Italian tourism area, located in the extreme southern part of the country, there is the only Italian Robinson Club, a resort developed over 200,000 sq.m and recently restored also thanks to the help of duka, a Made in Italy company producing shower enclosures.

The frame is the one typical of the mediterranean areas: a suggestive sunny panorama, overlooking on one side on the Ionian Sea and on the other one on a shady pine forest.

Over 400 residential units with infrastructures and numerous recreational areas, including a theater and a water park, form a true hospitality village, ideal for those who want to getaway from the frenzy of the metropolis.

Robinson Club Apulia is definitely faithful to the idea of ​​peace and comfort, with a strong bond to traditions and above all to the concept of lifestyle and quality of life.

In order to bring its philosophy into the intimacy of the rooms, Robinson Club has chosen the duka shower enclosures , and in particular the princess 4000 models.

These solutions are part of the Vertica range, with aluminum profiles along the vertical sides of the glass, giving a sleek and slender look and reinterpreting, in a contemporary way, the shower enclosures of the past.

The hinges and the handles of princess 4000 thus exceed the standard proportions and volumes to become decorative elements as well as functional and structural components.

Furthermore, the safety glass of 6 or 8 mm guarantees a high level of safety, especially in small environments.

To realize this important project, the very identity of duka has proved to be fundamental: a company with a catalogue of fully custom made solutions, where technique and aesthetic, combined in perfect harmony, assure quality and function. Not to forget the well-organized service to support all the partners.

The shower enclosures, tailor-made to the millimeter, can be adapted to all spaces, regardless of the configuration of rooms and small apartments, in a smooth way.

We can say that also thanks to duka, quality and performance have made Robinson Club’s experience in Italy unique.


Robinson Club Apulia

Loc. Fontanelle

73059 Ugento (LE)

0833 9341



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