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Monolith offers a multitude of features 25.05.2023

Monolith combines extraction in a brand new form with a packed range of features. The 90 cm hood module in the new worktop solution by Falmec can be complemented by 30 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm storage modules with various layouts, depending on individual style and space requirements. As well as places to house everyday kitchen utensils, the storage modules also contain plug and USB sockets, to make life in the kitchen as practical as possible.

To keep things even more organized, Falmec can provide an array of optional accessories for the storage compartments, such as cutlery trays with one, two or four sections, spice racks, knife racks and chopping boards, all made from natural beech wood. Like the storage modules, the hood unit has an aluminium structure with a sophisticated matt black finish and polished glass panels at both the back and the front. In addition, the entire system is fitted with ambient lighting to produce an attractive suspended effect and mark the boundary with the other items on the worktop. The new Monolith system can be used with both gas and induction hobs. The straightforward installation process requires just one hole to be made in the worktop and it has the smallest conceivable footprint.

The powerful yet quiet 800 m3/h brushless motor (in energy class A++) is controlled by an ergonomic touch panel with three speeds plus a Boost setting. It can be fitted at the front or the back: the latter option optimizes the space inside the unit. Maintenance is extremely simple because the grease and odour filters are both easy to access and remove from above. For enhanced results, Falmec offers the option of Carbon.Zeo filters, which absorb impurities, odours and moisture by combining the benefits of carbon and zeolite. In addition, the filters can be regenerated for a longer lifespan.

Monolith is part of the exclusive new Elements collection, along with Shelf and Air Wall. The selection of original solutions “conceals” technology inside items with unique designs. Elements has given the traditional cooker hood concept a fresh twist, making it into a modular, multi-purpose piece of architecture that is fully integrated into kitchen designs. With Elements, Falmec is opening up new horizons on the design front and creating new spaces that are increasingly flexible and functional.


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