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Mirror-finish Cold Control System 23.05.2022

New scenes in the kitchen


The innovative Abimis System of refrigerated tall units, made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel and designed to bring the performance and technology of professional restaurants and catering businesses into the home, becomes bright and gleaming thanks to the special polished mirror finish.

Built to keep what we eat every day intact and ensure greater quality of domestic life, the Cold Control System retains the clean-cut design and sinuous silhouettes of the iconic Ego kitchen, and when it features the mirror finish it is transformed into a mesmerising element with elegant volumes and unexpected ‘games’ of light.

The Cold Control System, like all Abimis kitchens, has an haute-couture soul, which is why it is designed to adapt to the habits, satisfy the desires, styling, design and spatial needs of people who savour the most lived-in room of the home.

With its Cold Control System, Abimis has come up with a top-quality product, a solution comprising refrigerated tall units, that are completely customisable in their finish and configuration, allowing the modulation of the temperature in each compartment. Their status can be monitored at any time, thereby ensuring the food stays fresh and is preserved (and organised) properly.

So the Cold Control System is actually a ‘refrigerator’ divided up into several compartments, each one independent and adjustable to various temperatures. Thanks to an internal ventilation system, the temperature set remains ‘even’ and constant throughout the compartment.  The compartments are compatible with Gastronorm, a modular system which envisages standard dimensions for containers, trays and other instruments used in the professional restaurant and catering industry, thereby optimising the arrangement of the various compartments and the enjoyment of all the ingredients and work tools.  The bevelled flush doors, without any sharp edges, prevent any dirt and grime encrustations and facilitate the cleaning process, guaranteeing maximum hygiene at all times, while the shelves slide out to ensure easier accessibility and surface organisation.

The minimum and maximum fridge temperature is between -2°C and + 8°C, while that of the freezer is between -20°C and – 18°C.

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