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Milano, Makio Hasuike & co’s desk, hits again 11.07.2023

The décor and elegance of a workplace talk about the soul of the people living it. This is what Milano – the executive office designed by Makio Hasuike & co for Newform Ufficio – does.
It did it before, its own way, as a modular furnishing system: the variety of possible combinations revolving around the executive desk, supported by a shaped cabinet with sliding doors and an internal drawer, can now give their best with new finishes available in the catalogue.

To join the already explored material LPL Oak come the LPL Leuca Walnut and MOKA OAK wood essence.

The executive office presented by Milano does not reflect only the personality of the manufacturing company but also of those who choose it as functional furniture. Through its Made in Italy, Newform Ufficio shows the most important values of a company – the right balance between professionalism, authority, and efficiency – all of them key features that every worker would like to find in their managers.

Milano by Makio Hasuike & co, in its new finishes, continues to design new modern ways of living the workplace, creating smooth, cozy, and functional spaces.
With this new furnishing collection every movement is soft, because everything is exactly in its place: in Milano project, documents and objects are perfectly organized with storage units and an equipped wall system, also thought as a vertical support for the monitors to ease meetings or video plays. Another touch of refined elegance is given by the pull-out clothes-rack, perfect for changing clothes whenever needed.

The diligence and meticulousness expected from a manager find their counterpart in Milano thorough attention to detail: the perpendicular extension of the desk, that is an additional countertop, is completed by a vertical power dock and wireless charging that make the daily routine easier. The multifunctionality guaranteed by optional like these improves life quality, both at home and work. A predisposition, but also a choice, that of designing an executive office that does not neglect human dimension but values it. People live workspaces for many hours, often consecutives, every day: creating a workplace that could be considered “human scale” reflects the path started by Newform Ufficio in the office design, executive and operational, willing to make feel “at home” the entire company.

Milano by Makio Hasuike & co, as the city that inspires it, gives dynamism to the space, fostering the exchange of ideas and the rise of shared and shareable visions.


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