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MILAN DESIGN WEEK PREVIEW 2019 – Turri presents Vine 05.03.2019

Enveloping upholstery and slim wood structures, similar to branches, are the common thread linking the elements of the new Vine collection, designed by architect Frank Jiang for Turri, which will be presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile.

All Vine products convey elegance through refined artistry and by combining several materials, while presenting clean, simple lines, often with compelling references to the geometry of nature, in every element of the collection. This results in a luxurious and highly prestigious line, but with an overall modern feel, able to meet the expectations of the current market and adapt to several stylistic expressions, in line with the company’s new image beginning in 2019.


The wood detailing is certainly distinctive, and, as suggested by the collection’s name, is inspired by the weaving of vine branches. This element, replicated in several different forms and sizes, is the point of departure for the entire collection. Here the wood envelops the upholstery, here it supports a surface, a container, then it becomes the detailing on a drawer… Thus the collection grows, it branches into a wide range of products, all stylistically connected with each other, but with a personality that allows it to stand on its own or in a space that is already furnished: a hotel room, an office, the living room of a penthouse.



The sofa is the cornerstone of the living room, characterised by an outer shell in leather and fabric-covered cushions. Various elements in wood, including the supporting surface, help to create vitality between the components, as well as the inserts and the details in brushed gold metal including the tubular base, which lifts the structure off the ground. The result is a visually light, modern and captivating piece of furniture.

The sofa’s side element is reflected in the armchair, which is comfortable, deep, and with a slim but very contemporary structure, featuring two squared armrests that clearly suggest design from the fifties, but with a modern twist. Vine also offers a coffee table system at different heights and in several sizes and finishes, which share a four-spoke base embellished with a metal ring. The shelving unit completes the concept, a structure with glass inserts and an interesting play on space, and the console table, rendered unique by the slight bevel in its marble top.



The Vine bed is striking and extremely elegant, with a leather headboard that connects to the bed frame, which is also covered in leather. The bed also reflects the stylistic features of the collection, such as the essence of wood, which evokes the vines, and the inserts and details in brushed gold metal. The thin visible seams outline the elegant alternating lines on the headboard and along the profile of the bed frame, highlighting the product’s craftsmanship.

The wooden bedside tables, bench and dressing table structures, which enclose surfaces carefully covered in fine leather, clearly allude to the bed, creating a coordinated environment. Instead, the footstool, with its eye-catching leather strip along the back, is distinct from the other elements, rendered unique by its gold-metal base and large front opening, which allows you not only to rest your feet, but also possibly to store things: books, magazines, a decorative ornament. To complete the bedroom, this collection also features a dresser, with its formal, compact and linear appearance, and two mirrors in different shapes: circular with leather inserts and decorated with a gold metal ring, and leaf-shaped, with a lighting system hidden within.



Jiang Feng interprets the dining room by designing furnishings that reflect the defining style of modern architecture. An example is the sculptured table, with a top in several different finishes and a base with two wood elements, decorated with a strip in brushed gold metal and a marble insert. The lines are slightly inclined at the base, as is the bevel at the ends of the top, helping to make the structure visually slim and light. Designed as the perfect match for the table, the chairs have a large arched opening for the back, as well as on the upholstered frame which, as it curves, forms two wings that act as armrests. The characteristic metallic element in the entire Vine collection is seen here as an embellishment on the four legs.

Raised off the ground on four slim wooden legs, the china cabinet and the cupboard are made up of two distinct elements that interact with each other to achieve balance: the main wooden structure with metallic elements, and the smoky glass parts that, extending from the structure, create interwoven lines on several surfaces. This is the result of a design conceived in every detail.

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