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MET, the space saving domotic kitchen 22.10.2018

The kitchen ‘in view’ is a more and more used solution, sometimes for aesthetic reasons, more often for space issues related architectonic reasons. Especially in smaller apartments it is necessary to rationalize environments in order to not be overwhelmed by accessories, and to be able to exploit all available space at its best.

If the main goal in design is to combine aesthetic and functionality, ARAN Cucine has designed the perfect kitchen to live and ‘transform’ the living space: Met, offers, infact, a self-supporting block including all functions foreseen in a typical kitchen, within a space as small as possible, and, thanks to its technologic heart, takes on the double function of desk and, of course, kitchen.

Met actually seems an important table, which can be placed anywhere in the living space. When the Domotics comes on stage, though, a real kitchen block slides out of the top, revealing cooking hob, down draft hood, sink with pull out faucet, and recessed appliances. The sliding mechanism, extremely easy, manual or automatic, is regulated by safety sensors which control the movement of the cover, stopping it in case of obstacles.

To complete the collection MET and the concept of ‘metropolitan future kitchen’, all open modules and shelves with sliding doors come from the model VOLARE, which don’t recall the typical modules of a kitchen environment at all, but rather all those elements belonging to the living areas.

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