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Margot, between past and present 13.11.2017

An exemplary synthesis of the merger of a chair and an armchair, perfectly balanced between past and contemporary present, Margot is the new seat by Alivar designed to furnish the living room with elegance. This item of furniture ‘illustrates’ a design that has been borrowed from colonial style, where the charming harmony between European classicism and Oriental exoticism dominates both shapes and colours, from soft, neutral hues through to the darkest shades. Margot looks like a seat with a Vintage feel, capable of bringing back to life the sophisticated ambiances of long ago.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for the Home Project collection, Margot invites the user to experience the most authentic levels of comfort thanks to the down padded seat – which is available in leather or in fabric – capable of accommodating the furnishing requirements of both the home and contract settings. Several materials make up this interior décor item with timeless charm: from the warmth of solid wood, crafted according to cabinet-making tradition, to the steel body, which is elegantly enveloped by leather or fabric upholstery with the addition of a polyurethane foam insert. The Margot seat, with its harmonious silhouette, is the demonstration of sophisticated workmanship and authentic painstaking care for details, qualities which have always distinguished Alivar’s design philosophy.

Margot is proof of how simplicity can generate beauty.

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