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Marco Piva chooses Toncelli’s sartorial kitchens 28.06.2016

The location is the VIP area of Shanghai west zone, instead the DNA is Italian. In the luxury residential growth promoted by Shanghai Real Estate Group, made up of 72 villas surrounded by very well finished gardens and sculptural fountains, the feather in the cup is represented by Hong Qiao 239 parcel, imagined to become a residential model par excellence, where “Made in Italy” is the protagonist. Starting from the designer, Marco Piva, appointed to build this exemplar prototype, which traces the best architectural tradition bound to proportion of shapes and to the sophisticated chromatic harmony. The status of “ideal home” comes from a careful research, based on dualism between classic and contemporary spaces, public and private environments and combination among precious materials and avant-garde domotic systems.

In the complex composing balance, Toncelli’s Wind model interprets with elegance the synthesis between history and innovation and it dominates the entire project: absolutely minimal shapes, that conceal the technological aspect, always present in the Tuscan company creations, create infact monolithic objects, perfectly integrated with the dinner room.

Framed by a gold finishing portal, which defines the separation between the two spaces, kitchen is organized through 3 three different volumes: next to the perimetral wall, a block made of glossy white lacquered wood doors and smoothed Lasa marble. On the opposite side, there are tall units with leather doors, personalized by tone on tone stitching , enhanced by solcato canaletto walnut inserts and by Toncelli 50 handle decorative quality. In the middle, an island with a sticking-out top, in order to prepare food or have a cocktail, always in glossy white lacquered wood and smoothed Lasa marble and it presents also a glass insert with touch-screen .

Exactly this detail makes the Toncelli’s philosophy of “contemporary custom-made kitchen” stand-out, concealed as a poetical bond between productive richness and technical performance. The touch-screen, thanks to which it is possible to listen to music, to consult one’s favourite recipes or surf the web, is imperceptible when off and guarantees an effect of formal cleanliness, confirmed also when on, when high definition images meld with the countertop.

Unique materials, details created by craftsmen but also capability to combine a timeless image with the most advanced technological equipment: here the terms of quality signed by Toncelli, that is no other than the planning words used by Marco Piva to build an ideal model of contemporary living.

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