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Magenta, design Marco Piva 23.05.2019

Magenta is the new dining and living collection by Alma Design born from the creativity of architect Marco Piva, a line that reminds for the name and the design the charming atmospheres of the interiors of the residences in the historic Porta Magenta, in the heart of Milan, symbol of the elegant and refined life of the 50s.

Magenta features the union of precious materials declined in an extreme cleanliness in lines. The furniture and the accessories that compose the collection reveal a creative and conscious approach to materials and their possibilities to surprise thanks to unusual combinations: metal in different finishes, glass, wood, decorated fabrics and precious velvets ‘tell’ a new way of thinking and live the places of conviviality.

Alma Design, that always takes care interpreting and reinventing the spaces of contemporary contract, confirms its experience creating a sartorial taste collection, where attention to detail, proportions and color is expressed through the great refinement of the workmanship.

Magenta means, in fact, also color. An intense, decisive color, capable of emphasizing the material, an element with a strong decorative and emotional value, such as to define the atmosphere of the living or dining area that welcomes the furniture.

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