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‘Lustrous’ and sustainable rugs from Carpet Edition 16.03.2021

It is well known that rugs are among the design elements which often, more than others, manage to define the style of a room. Sometimes just that ‘extra touch’ is enough to add style and character to a room, to transform or even personalize it. In a market saturated with choices of all kinds of vibrant colors and shapes, careful selection of materials and skillful production can make the difference, rendering even simple solid color carpet s remarkable.

Carpet Edition offers a series of rugs in neutral colors, brightened up by the lucidity of the fibers. The Prestige Collection, one of the company’s Cut on Demand collections, is comprised of nine elegant color combinations rich in hues and reflections. These pieces are made of viscose and woven on a loom, delivering a silky effect. The fiber, while compact, is soft as silk, and luminous as a result of light bathing the surface. From ivory to smoke, passing through various nuances of grey and brown, arriving to burgundy, each rug is able to enrich and brighten any room with a simple and refined touch.

Among the Hand Made Collection proposals, the Khama collection distinguishes itself for the use of banana silk, a completely biodegradable vegetable fiber with extraordinary characteristics. Harvested from the longest leaf and the bark of the banana tree, this material transforms into a natural and highly resistant fiber. The softness and shine obtained are similar to silk also in this case, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and aesthetics. The quality inherent in the fiber also render symbolic the truly sustainable choice: the banana tree plant regenerates very quickly, and in fact does not carry any risk of deforestation, making the choice of a Khama rug a concrete decision to sustain the environment. The skilled craftsmanship makes this a unique and valuable product, available in eight color variations to offer maximum versatility: from classic black and white to the brightness of silver and chrome and including ‘softer’ and more feminine tones such as glycerin and beige.

Prestige and Khama, while produced differently, illustrate how much the quality of materials and process of production can enrich even the most essential designs, transforming the selection of a simple style into a timeless classic which is also sustainable.


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