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Luminous efficiency and excellent performance by the new Skema ceiling hood 14.10.2020

With its three-element configuration and discreet, minimal design, Skema, the new ceiling hood by Falmec, is the ideal solution for all open plan kitchen and living environments. Comprised of a steel frame structure that delineates a precise pattern, Skema incorporates two tempered glass panels with diffused LED lighting, plus a central metal panel designed to conceal the extraction area.

The presence of the two large lighting units embellished with Dynamic LED Light technology not only creates a large luminous capacity but also enables the light to be adjusted according to the desired colour tone, ranging from 2700K (warm light) to 5600K (cold light).
Skema collects the vapours and cooking odours that rise upwards naturally, then extracts them within the central part of the hood’s structure before conveying them directly to the ceiling. Like Falmec’s other ceiling hoods, Skema is available with various motorisation options – both for extraction and recirculation – thanks to the new Carbon.Zeo ceiling filter kits, which guarantee excellent filtration and absorption capacity for humidity and odours.

In 120 cm length, Skema can either be ordered in the classic AISI 304 stainless steel finish or with steel painted in matt black or matt white, for greater chromatic uniformity with the ceiling.

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