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The Ultra Violet by Alma Design furnishes the house 23.01.2018

Ultra Violet is the new Pantone 2018 color, a strong, vivid shade, that transmit creativity and fantasy and evokes sensations of balance and harmony.

Ultra Violet is therefore the common denominator that will influence the trends of lifestyle, fashion, design and beauty, but will also be a source of new inspiration for the next year.

Applied to furniture complemets, the Ultra Violet gives character and elegance and is perfect for enhancing environments, whatever the style that characterizes them, from the most classic to the most modern.

Alma Design is ‘enveloped’ by the energy of Ultra Violet and expresses the ‘exuberant’ character of the Pantone color in some of its most famous collections: X Big, X 2 Big, Julie, Wonka and Zahira are   presented in the new trendy color.

Intended to furnish living space or dining room, the Ultra Violet of Alma Design furniture is a bold, intriguing choice, ideal to give character and personality to the environment that welcomes them.

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