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Lucerna and Pharos, design Luca Nichetto 04.03.2019

Lucerna is the new portable, rechargeable outdoor lamp from Ethimo. With its perfectly waterproof illuminating body containing LED lights, battery and recharging system, and a blown glass diffuser, Lucerna is a lantern with a contemporary feel and ‘nomadic’ spirit. It can be moved about easily and placed on the floor, on a table or hung up, depending on where it is used.

A special ring on the top of the lamp acts as a handy grip or decorative hook for hanging from above or on a wall.

Pharos is a streetlamp that copies the style and characteristics of the historic cast iron streetlamps, typical elements commonly seen in the most important cities of nineteenthcentury Europe, such as Paris, London and Venice.

In its contemporary makeover, Pharos has an LED light source, slender, minimal, streamlined shape and elegant, essential design. Produced in coated metal with a matt finish and in two different shades, Pharos comes in two different heights (140cm and 200cm), in order to satisfy the illumination requirements of public or private gardens and terraces.

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