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Lòbia, the new collection from Carpet Edition. Design: Giulia Ferraris. Part II – Evening 12.07.2021

“I picture architecture as an immobile spectator of time that passes. The light, moving around it, chooses what side to highlight. When the light changes at the end of the day, becoming softer and warmer, the entire perception of a building or space changes.  In the small alleys of neighborhoods, surrounded by walls of stone, travertine or marble, I felt as if I was in a theater of shades, where the shadows deform, and deeper and darker hues replace the vibrant golden sunset, becoming evening.”

These are the words which Giulia Ferraris uses to describe the third and fourth pieces of the new Lòbia collection designed for Carpet Edition.

Inspired by observing the light irradiating the facades of typically Mediterranean buildings, and with its movement how the appearance and anatomy changes, Lòbia is the perfect expression of the evocative narration typical of the designer’s projects.

The beauty of Mediterranean urban landscapes is transferred to the rugs, furnishing accessories that are generally considered two dimensional but on the contrary, through skillful craftsmanship, become material and sculptural. The images of buildings and sacred sites, struck by the light in various moments of the day, is projected into the design in a graphic and geometric motif; if the Terra and Polvere rugs recall the colors of dawn and midday, the tones of Radice and Marmo evoke nighttime landscapes.

Radice with its warm and dark tones, recalls the hues with which the sunset paints the city, while Marmo, with its nuances that lean towards blue, remind us of the light at dusk.

Lòbia is therefore the story of a Mediterranean day, articulated in four moments, each of which, together with an architectural ‘imprint’, is the protagonist of a specific carpet. This new collection which enlarges the Hand Made catalog of the company, strongly reiterates the attention to design Carpet Edition gives, keeping up with trends and realizing the proposals of the younger generations.


Ph. Credits: Mattia Aquila

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