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Lòbia: a Collection from Carpet Edition. Design: Giulia Ferraris. 17.11.2021

With her collection Lòbia, produced by Carpet Edition, Giulia Ferraris depicts the magic of the light at dawn and dusk and how the sunlight dances on Mediterranean building facades, transforming the architecture.

Four rugs – Terra, Polvere, Radice, and Marmo – pay homage and evoke respectively dawn, midday, sunset and nightfall. It is as if they are each a magnificent post card, telling a story through shape, form and color, managing to transmit the effect of the light on the buildings in each of these four moments of the day.

The horizon line of an urban landscape is transported to these rugs in a play on curves, lines and perspectives that define the designs and contours. Add to the artisanal hand tufting the workmanship and carving of the velvet and bouclè, which together give the pile different heights and textures, amplifying the ‘architectural concept’ of the collection and making the tactile experience three dimensional.

Every color, nuance or shade is actually a faithful representation of the light that washes the facades, changing their anatomy and appearance. The soft and bright color palette of Terra is inspired by Dawn and the moment the sun rises while the clear and crisp colors of Polvere recall the bright midday sun. The warm and dark tones of Radice evoke the colors of the sunest while the blue nuances of Marmo recall the light which wraps the city at nightfall.

Each Lòbia rug is produced with different percentages of Tencel, Linen and New Zealand wool; natural fibers with extraordinary characteristics that conform to the Green spirit of the company. Carpet Edition preserves ancient craftsmanship, chooses raw material of the highest quality with a low environmental impact, and won’t compromise on design, as demonstrated in this collaboration with Designer Giulia Ferraris.


Ph. Credits: Mattia Aquila

Location: Palazzo Martinego Colleoni

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