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The heated towel rail becomes a style feature 19.07.2018

With Antrax IT solutions, the heated towel rail turns into a multi-functional and versatile feature, which is ideal to enjoy the bathroom as much as possible.

Antrax IT allows customers to choose from multiple solutions. Heated towel rails and radiators with clean-cut, linear shapes and designer radiators featuring a sophisticated and original style, devised to furnish the living room, but which – thanks also to the application of a special large towel rail or a dedicated hook – become genuine features to customise any bathroom setting.

Antrax IT heated towel rails have various functions. They heat their surroundings and, thanks to the most sophisticated construction technologies, they guarantee superior heat output and considerable energy savings; they ensure your laundry and towels dry quickly, exploiting even the most confined spaces to the full; and, last but not least, thanks to their design, they enhance the value of any setting.

The Antrax IT heated towel rail collection was designed and sized specifically to optimise and improve the function of the radiator within the bathroom, whatever the size.

The extensive range also makes it possible to create multiple configurations, from heated towel rails with vertical elements to those that develop horizontally, where both the radiator body and the large towel rail can be produced in over 200 colour variants, to create unprecedented and often mesmerising customisations, either in contrasting colours or single-coloured.

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