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Liu Jo Living presents the new modular seating system: Glam 23.05.2024

In one captivating solution: an armchair, a sofa, and a chaise longue. This is the new Glam by Liu Jo Living. A versatile combination that allows complete customization of the seating arrangement to adapt to needs and available space, adding a touch of glam, as the name itself suggests, to the novelty designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Liu Jo Living. Designed to meet levels of comfort and contemporary design, Glam consists of a series of modular seats designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring a comfortable backrest and ergonomic seats, Glam includes: a base that integrates with the backrest, a seating module, and another additional module with stitched backrest and roll. The latter can be flipped and inserted into the base module as lumbar support when the composition transforms into a chaise longue. Liu Jo Living is committed to sustainability, and Glam reflects this promise in the removable upholstery and in the continuous updating of accessories and complements, confirming the company’s entrepreneurial thinking. Made entirely of expanded polyurethane, Glam ensures durability and resistance, especially when combined with Liu Jo Living’s philosophy of “changing clothes”. The completely removable cover facilitates cleaning and maintenance, preserving a timeless design. What makes it even more sustainable is its recyclable nature, thanks to its completely removable structure, upholstery, and expanded polyurethane structure. This means that Glam can be disposed of as a single component. An innovative approach, experimented by Liu Jo Living to simplify the recycling process, as it is not necessary to dismantle or separate complex parts. Once at the end of its life cycle, Glam can be easily disposed of, allowing for the efficient and eco-friendly recovery and reuse of materials. This feature not only reduces environmental impact during the production phase but also at the end of the product’s useful life. Facilitating recycling, Glam is committed to reducing waste and contributing to the promotion of a circular economy, where resources are used more efficiently and responsibly. Wherever it is placed, Glam adapts to a variety of environments thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes available. The outdoor version, with Dryfeel® expanded polyurethane, is specially designed to withstand weather and moisture, ensuring long-lasting durability and an indelible style even outdoors. Glam will be previewed in the new setup of Liu Jo Living’s flagship store in Milan during MDW2024. Covered in Rubelli’s fabrics, it confirms elegance and quality. Its contemporary aesthetic and comfort extend beyond individual spaces, allowing designers to create unique and tailored spaces for each client. Architects, in fact, can make the most of Glam’s modularity to play with layouts and configurations, creating solutions that meet the needs of any living space. Ideal for furnishing a lounge area in a luxury hotel, a cozy relaxation area in a wellness centre, or a waiting room in an office, Glam fits perfectly, creating a stimulating environment.

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