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‘Let’s Play’ with Ethimo 26.09.2016

2017 collection preview

A playful combination of finishes and materials has given rise to Play, the new Ethimo outdoor table in preview of the 2017 collection. Play, with a contemporary character and harmonious geometries, is made in aluminium with legs in cast metal, which ensure a solid base as well as giving height and lightness to the table’s design.

Play’s strength lies in the option of playing with all of its defining aspects: its different sizes (100 x 100 cm; 150 x 150 cm; 100 x 200 cm; 100 x 274 cm) and the various materials for the table top (aluminium, natural or pickled teak and
stone-effect stoneware). One of the absolute novelties is the top in stone-effect stoneware, a brand new finish for the Ethimo collection and extraordinarily resistant to scratches and heat. The top comes in either Ice or Slate Black, which can be chosen to match or contrast with the structure. In the all-aluminium versions, the top is the same colour as the legs, therefore
entirely Warmwhite and Warmgrey. The teak top version can be combined either with Warmgrey or with Warmwhite. The 150×150 cm model, in addition to the tops in aluminium and teak, also has a special ‘Disegno’ ceramic top, featuring a geometric pattern of three different shades: Ice, Sand and Slate Black.

Its versions entirely in aluminium, like the other versions, make this table the veritable key to decorating and making outdoor spaces more functional and comfortable.

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