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The rigorous expression of Milano. Designed by SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli for Turri. 23.10.2019

The strictness of the metal, showing solidity, contemporaneity and firmness, the curve expressive power, which gives the material an unexpected softness wraps the shapes and designs the surfaces. The curved metal scheleton, perfect expression of the balance between craftsmanship and industrial touch, is the distinctive trait of “Milano” collection, a new approach to style designed by Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli for Turri. A successful and constructive partnership that has given rise to a new collection of home furnishings designed for various indoor spaces, enhancing the company’s catalogue with new possibilities of expression. The name of the new collection is a clear tribute to the city in which the project was conceived. It evokes the mood of the unique atmosphere of “La gran Milan”, a city that has become a symbol of artisanal excellence, and possesses an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that encapsulates the essence of “Brand Italy” craftsmanship, where attention to detail represents a positive “obsession” oriented towards a constant desire for renewal. This perfectionist attitude is an integral part of Turri’s DNA, as demonstrated by company’s recent shift towards more contemporary production.

With this collection, Studio SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli has encapsulated its formidable capacity for design, its distinctive characteristics recognisable in the particular attention to sinuous and continuous lines which, in this case, are represented by the details of the backrests, the frame of the chairs and the metal legs of the tables. The collection’s enveloping shapes offer a perfect interpretation of Turri’s philosophy: to conjoin traditional Italian skills and qualities with continual research into the field of design.

The “Milano” collection comprises several elements that herald the start of a new story and complement every room of the home, from the living room with its armchairs and sofas, to the dining room with the large table and chairs, through to the bedroom with cabinets, beds, side tables, wardrobe and writing desk. Each element can be paired and combined with items from the same range or other existing collections.

“The overall idea was to emphasise lightness”, explained Giuseppe Blengini. “The structures are constructed so that every element is interconnected. We expressed our idea of strength through exquisite materials such as steel, large meshes of tanned leather, glass and metals with a matte finish to create a rarefied elegance. We then chose to work on the finish of the surfaces to create bright and contemporary objects, using oak cut into thin sections to add flexibility and luminosity.”

The star of the living room is the “Milano” sofa, where the contemporary character of Turri’s design is immediately recognisable. The structure features alternating materials (leather and steel) to create an enveloping and comfortable structure, complemented by the backrest in leather and wood that supports the cushions and the design of the armrests which are conceived as an integral part of the chair to offer additional support. The elegant and enveloping profile is emphasised by the soft curve of the frame that outlines the sofa and supports the cushions. The simple lines define the silhouette of the sofa, which is available as a two or three seater. Comfort is the overarching theme and is expressed with the same formal identity and flawless proportions in the armchair of the “Milano” collection.

The side tables perfectly express the concept of elegance and lightness conceived by SBGA, with surfaces designed to combine delicacy, sophistication and practicality. The metal frame of the side tables, either brushed nickel matt or shiny chrome, evolves into an apparently irregular line, supporting the top which can be customised with a range of glossy finishes. In the “coffee table” version, where the dimensions of the supporting structure have been playfully altered, the frame can be combined with a range of tops available in various shapes: square, rectangular and round, all of which can be mixed and matched with different materials to offer a multitude of expressive possibilities.

“Milano” crosses the borders of the bedroom to offer an imposing, almost regal bed, its frame evoking the leitmotif of the collection: the sinuous lines create a structure that appears almost suspended in mid-air, invoking the idea of lightness that the studio wished to express in every element of the collection. Another unique feature of the bed is the headboard which, big but not heavy, invites rest and relaxation. The bed of the “Milano” collection is complemented by the side tables, an upholstered bench with a woven leather sead like the pouf, a console, a chest of drawers and square and rectangular mirrors.

The “Milano” collection also brings a unique style to the dining room with its coordinated tables and chairs. The table once again evokes the leitmotif of sinuous lines that define each element of collection, from the leather-upholstered steel legs to the broad and rectangular top. The chairs are hallmarks of both style and comfort. The decisive and powerful character of the chairs expresses the modern character of the “Milano” collection: the shape of the legs is created by two semi-circular lines that meet to form a broad backrest, softly enveloping the comfortable seat and complemented by the armrests. The collection also features a sideboard and cupboard. Both pieces continue the sinuous lines that characterise the range. The cupboards and sideboard are designed to express a minimalist elegance and evoke a modest yet sophisticated luxury. The light structures have been crafted with the same attention to detail given to the other elements of the collection. Perfectly suited to the living room, they also adapt beautifully to every room in the home.

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