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The new WallPepper® 27.01.2020

Preview 2020 catalogue

Could we still call it wallpaper?

The WallPepper® are a collection of amazing images, a sequence of colours, geometries, dipositive of faraway and engaging lands that refers to nature, underwater world, the imagination one or from architecture. The images tell the WallPepper® Group world and the emotions produced from its WallPepper®.

In addition to the narrative intention, the WallPepper® is a real support to decorative projects, contract or residential, very efficient. The quality of the materials, creativity, technologies and sustainability are mixed to create special walls in every space, both indoor & outdoor.

An additional value to the WallPepper® is also the easy set-up, thanks to an ad-hoc production technology that allows to have invisible joints just by placing one roll after another creating in this way unique images.

The WallPepper®, tailored design and emotions

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