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Maison & Objet Ethimo’s news 13.09.2017

Agave by Mattia Albicini
The new collection, which has emerged from the first collaboration between Ethimo and the young designer Mattia Albicini, derives from the Greek word “Agave”, meaning marvellous or magnificent. It takes its inspiration from the sinuous shapes of the leaves of the plant of the same name. This range of chairs and tables in solid teak, with their pure,
elegant lines, brings stylishness to any space it is part of. The last item will be unveiled in September: a large dining table. In keeping with the parameters of the range, it is built on a narrow, elegant, sepia-black metal frame, it has a contemporary look. The fine top is accentuated by the beautiful finish in natural teak, which makes it perfect for family meals or dinner with guests. These items, combined with the search for uncompromising comfort and sophisticated know-how, make Agave the ideal solution for open-air or interior use for elegant gatherings. A new item created from a union between comfort and design, evoking the characteristic lines of the Fifties with renewed sensitivity.

The iconic collection from Ethimo has a change of look. The Costes collection, which has been expanding over the years with new items such as the table and modular sofa, is now dressed in chocolate for the winter season. Natural or pickled-finish teak gives way to a new version in chocolate teak. This finish will be available for the 2/3 seater-sofa, the armchair and the coffee table. All the warmth of stained and polished wood and the simple, regular lines of the collection make Costes the most versatile collection by Ethimo, able to adapt to public and private spaces, indoors as well as out.
The essential lines and the details of the items in the collection adapt perfectly to this new finish, bringing out the material qualities of the wood without abandoning the most up-to-date styles and settings. Ideal for both country and city living. The comfort of these items of furniture is given by the cushions covered in acrylic materials, made with a weave that is soft to the touch, from technical textiles to classic tartan and houndstooth prints, or in velvet.

Ethimo and Matteo Thun + Antonio Rodriguez
Allaperto brings us ‘bespoke’ design elements for relaxing pleasantly in the embrace of nature, each one conceived for the many different aspects and situations found in unique, magical mountain scenery. In natural and pickled teak, wool and cashmere, these seating solutions can be made extra warm and welcoming with elegant ‘sleeping bags’ that are easy to slip on and fasten, just like clothes. Armchair and sun lounger are covered in woven Etwick fibre or techno fabric with a specifically designed tartan pattern to ensure maximum comfort and durability even in the coldest locations.

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