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Heated shapes for the contemporary living room 25.01.2018

The living room is the most exploited and admired room in the home; it is the location for leisure activities, relaxation and for welcoming guests. It is an enjoyable place, one that has been carefully furnished to ensure comfort.

The furniture, furnishings and lighting are chosen attentively because they express the personality of those who enjoy this privileged setting.

Consequently, the radiators are picked out with the same care that is usually taken when selecting furnishings.

Antrax IT has transformed the radiator into an item of interior décor, a genuine decorative ‘object’ that goes far beyond its mere function, one that is capable of adding character to its surroundings, making them even more welcoming.

The main function of generating heat is therefore associated with a new styling and decorative role, that makes the radiator truly key in defining the interior architecture.

Design and heat thus enter the living room to create an atmosphere and to emphasise it, making it a truly unique and special place.

The offering by Antrax IT for the living room is a multiform proposal of heating elements oozing a strong styling personality and with sophisticated proportions, always, affording solutions that embody the canons of quality, functionality and comfort. Indeed, all Antrax IT radiators are designed to blend in with any living room style, whether private, residential or contract, ensuring ultimate levels of comfort, in terms of heat, of styling ‘output’, thanks to the various shape and colour customisation possibilities.

Android, Pettine, TIQ, Teso Colour, Tavola, Serie T and ZeroOtto are just some of the radiators that Antrax IT offers to recreate the ideal living room, embodying solutions designed to blend in seamlessly, discretely and in a balanced way with their surroundings, or if necessary to be turned into items of interior décor that attract attention and define the very personality of the setting.

All the radiators are the result of innovative technologies which aim to improve the heat output and reduce energy consumption, with heating elements designed to ensure maximum well-being, thanks also to their distinctive design.

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