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The Hemp Collections from Carpet Edition: all the advantages of Hemp 20.05.2020

Hemp is a natural fiber which has been used in the world of textiles since ancient times. Carpet Edition, a company very attentive not only in respect to the most traditional techniques, but also to eco-sustainability and well-being, chose hemp for some of its collections, hence proposing a series of rugs which meet a wide variety of needs and tastes while in total respect for the environment.

Hemp Loop and Hemp Straw rugs, inspired by a mix of styles including minimal and shabby chic, are composed of 80% hemp and 20% cotton. Both collections are knotted by hand, a long process entrusted to Indian artisans. The Hemp Loop collection is distinguished by its longer and curlier bouclé yarn. In this case, the natural effect is highlighted by available warm color tones in brown, red and of course natural. The Hemp Straw rugs on the other hand are available in taupe, olive, grey and an original jeans color, which with its varied shades of blue is ideal for homes at the sea or for a contemporary touch in any room.

The Hemp Sumak collection gets its name from the production technique with the same name, used also for the Hemp Floral line. In order to produce these rugs in hemp and cotton, the artisans manually work the loom on which the yarns are woven with a shuttle and fixed with a comb which beats and compacts them. Sumak weaving also involves twisting the wefts to the warp leaving the yarn free on the back side at each change of color or design, producing a special relief effect. In Hemp Sumak rugs the typical braided décor is highlighted, enhanced by the neutral coloring, while the Hemp Floral rugs in browns or blues amaze with their elegant floral designs.

Thanks to Hemp – chosen, in fact, also for the rug backing – all of the rugs in the Hemp collections are extraordinarily solid, durable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and mites. These qualities make it perfect for domestic use, particularly for second homes where maintenance is less frequent. This natural fiber has a very low environmental impact and is breathable, so it can insulate from heat in the summer and cold in the winter, always guaranteeing a high comfort level.

With the Hemp Loop, Hemp Floral, Hemp Straw and Hemp Sumak collections, Carpet Edition proposes a entirely hand crafted product, linear in design and recyclable, available in a vast array of styles and shades which easily adapts to any environment

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