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The Serena Confalonieri Collection for Carpet Edition 28.01.2021

After years of experience in the field of product, graphic and textile design, Serena Confalonieri came to know the extraordinary world of Carpet Edition, the young and dynamic Italian company known for its ability to uniquely combine tradition and innovation.

Among the numerous collections proposed by the company, those realized in collaboration with Serena Confalonieri distinguish themselves with their visual language full of echoes and inspiration. Seemingly simple designs and forms are actually the fruit of mindful conceptual research, and thanks to Carpet Edition’s in-depth technical knowledge of artisanal production, it has been possible to transform these carpets into true works of art.

Rooms, for example, at first glance seems like a linear, geometric rug, characterized by strong and intense colors. But there is much more. Its name evokes a room, which is the actual protagonist of the design: various shades of red and a shadow of black actually outline and highlight a prospective, giving life to a space, or more precisely, to an empty room.

Floralia instead captures attention with its circular form and floral image. In this case Serena Confalonieri drew inspiration on one side from traditional botanical design, and on the other from contemporary art and the color palette of Gary Hume, famous for his stylized depictions of everyday objects and the use of bright, strong, vibrant colors.

Lastly, Folding is an homage to Franco Grignani, exponent of geometric abstractionism and constructivism, and to Sol LeWitt, an American artist closely tied to conceptual art and minimalism. It is in fact a carpet with an essential design, where the linear motif is further accentuated by the color contrast between black and white.

All three carpet designs by Serena Confalonieri for Carpet Edition are produced with New Zealand wool using the hand tufting technique, which is an alternative to knotting but leaves the quality and characteristics of an artisanal product unchanged. The wool used is harvested exclusively from sheep raised naturally in New Zealand, is fireproof, resistant, and extraordinarily soft, making the carpets comfortable and ideal for use not only in residential applications but also in public places and passageways.

Rooms, Floralia and Folding are a perfect example of the intersection of art, design, tradition and innovation: carpets which are curated in every detail, from inspiration to realization, able to rise above any trend and become protagonists of any environment.

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