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Alivar collaborates with Cavalleri Comunicazione 06.03.2017

Since the beginning, Alivar tells an exciting story of success that lasts more than 30 years. During this time, the brand has managed to achieve the ambitious goal of being recognized as a major player in the production of home and contract furniture both in Italy and in the world.

The Alivar philosophy has two key elements: practicality and functionality of pure shapes, free from excessive decorative elements, able to create a contemporary and sophisticated style. The stylistic choices, the design of each product, the attentive selection of the finest materials and the 100% Italian quality represent one of the main reasons for the company’s success which reach the highest level of the brand’s involvement in major international references.

Situated amid the picturesque hills of Chianti (Tuscany), Alivar has a strong relationship with the territory, visible in the use of prestigious materials of the Florentine tradition and in the production process that pays particular attention to environmental sustainability.

Cavalleri Comunicazione was selected by Alivar to manage the PR and press office activities both in Italy and worldwide.



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