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The Armonie by Roberto Giovannini, Ducale dining room 21.04.2016

These could be defined as Roberto Giovannini‘s ‘Definitive Harmony’, where woodcarving has a key role and is, itself, the element which creates the ‘melody’ in the different living spaces. It is precisely the unique characteristics of the Roberto Giovannini carvings and finishings that define the uniqueness of the Florentine contribution in the sector of classic furniture.

A new dining room which highlights the luxury and the elegance of the grand styles of past epochs, studied for completing and further enriching Roberto Giovannini’s proposals. The space takes its inspiration from the finest rooms of noble residences and offers the key role to the new, extendible dining table (art.1395CDAP) with its considerable dimensions: 2 metres and 40 centimetres plus extensions of 60 cm. The structure, intricately carved and supported on a total of 8 legs, is enriched by the new Argento Leggero G105 decoration enhanced with touches of Noir G086. The parquet top with Versailles design realised in bleached oak, combined with the main structure, expresses a perfect synthesis of good taste and exceptional artisan expertise. Another new feature of the Armonie collection is the Neoclassical showcase cabinet (art.1401) with two door vertical opening, characterised by the perfect balance of the Noir e Argento G098 ornamentation. The same ornamentation is also recaptured for the new armchairs (art.1399) and the chairs (art.1400) with padded backrests and soft Roberto Giovannini white velvet: seats which recapture historical styles of Florentine production.

To complete and to give a touch of refined romanticism to the room, the three door dresser with top in marble (art.1403B) with Antico Veneziano G095 finishing, decorations from the limited ‘luxury’ series realised with the ‘Guazzo’ gilding method carried out according to the best Florentine Renaissance artisan tradition.

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