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Autumn is… on the wall! 23.09.2019

Lights, smells, suggestions, emotions and, above all, the amazing colours: these are the elements that make autumn a unique and special season. Warm nuances but also intense, decisive or, sometimes, softer and lighter, reveal the coming of the colder months, those that most call back to warmth and cuddles.

WallPepper® Group takes its inspiration from this fascinating chromatic ‘kaleidoscope’ and with its WallPepper® brings the charm of autumn to the walls.

In this way, the spaces dress themselves with engaging colours, suggestive landscapes, romantic graphics that make you dream.

With WallPepper® we can be surrounded with the beauty, warmth and intimacy of this extraordinary season, in which nature shows all its ‘magic’.

The WallPepper® are moved into a new “wall story-tale” made of images and colors to live the atmosphere of autumn even in the contemporary interiors.

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