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LAB13: more space to rediscover the idea of open laboratory 07.06.2023

The evolution of LAB13 continues in the refinement of materials and in the choice of minimal lines to tell not only the home environment but also the idea of family.

The new LAB13 invite is to guarantee more ease and practicality in a place where the whole family can share moments of everyday life. An invite that is reflected in the more and more sustainable choice of the Made in Italy by ARAN Cucine: quality and expertise are the keys through which the Abruzzan company continues to portray the kitchen as an open laboratory.

To accommodate all the guests the central island composed by two blocks: one, squared and monolithic, dedicated to the wash area with a single-bowl sink integrated into the Grès Barro Satin worktop, and the other – of the same size – designed as a cooking area with the induction hob. The linearity of the two monoblocs is interrupted by the wooden snack area, positioned in the middle but slightly below. This is the real distinctive element of the LAB13 aesthetics, emphasized by the industrial look and balanced by the specific finish, which makes it smooth to touch and easy to clean, protecting it from liquids.

Eucalyptus and Grès Barro Satin, used for the worktops, and the Ewood Oak wood of the rectangular support surface – here presented with truly comfortable dimensions – create an attractive dialogue between materials. The snack structure undermines the American imaginary to fully enter within the Italian tradition reality, offering a conviviality place for the whole family to create an “unique space”.

Once again, LAB13 proposes itself as a solution in line with the idea of a “ready to welcome” open space.

Behind the big central island, an equipped boiserie with Eucalyptus back and shelves, playing with the contrast of solids and voids, transforms the space in a functional and versatile way.
Having cooking tools, objects and appliances visible and on hand facilitates the simplest kitchen activities, allowing to exploit the entire wall surface.

The equipped boiserie is completed on its sides by a vertical system composed by tall units and open modules in Grafite Grey, to contain all the useful things of daily use in an organized way.
As a practical and natural prosecution of the kitchen into the living, it is possible to find a series of Bright wall cabinets with doors in smoked glass and box in Alcene Scuro, perfect to contain accessories or decorative elements.

The essentiality and the structure of this new LAB13 configuration remind the idea of open space, ideal to furnish a wide loft with a contemporary touch.


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