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The dining room according to Turri 04.03.2020

Turri’s impeccable craftsmanship is expressed again in the collections which were a significant cornerstone for the company in 2019: Milano, Vine and Zero, designed by Studio  SBGA  |  Blengini  Ghirardelli,  Frank  Jiang and Andrea  Bonini respectively.  In fact, with a modern and innovative twist, they interpreted the tradition and quality which have made Turri an ambassador of Italian luxury across the globe.

The dining room, the most important room for gatherings, has been conceived to accommodate a variety of tastes and desires, tailored for the three collections, all of which exalt the materials and extraordinary craftsmanship.

With a contemporary soul, the tables and chairs, sideboards and glass vitrine cabinets of the Milano collection are reminiscent of the tenacious and industrial character of the city after which they are named: the sinuous silhouette of the metal structure is the recurring leitmotiv in all the pieces of the collection, supporting and enveloping the rectangular tabletop or the body of the welcoming and comfortable chairs as well as the storage units.  Lightness, the distinguishing feature of the collection, is also evident in the transparency of the vitrine cabinets, whose linear design is reduced to the bare essentials. The furniture is embellished not only by the painstaking workmanship but also by the choice of materials, and in particular the leather, capable of creating a warm contrast with the colder metal.

The modern and comprehensive Vine collection, with its’ striking carpentry, is inspired by the branch-like structure of a grapevine. The sculptural table stands out for the original design of the wooden base, embellished by brushed gold metal bands and marble inserts. In a game of blocks and voids, the chairs around the table are soft and caressing, with the backrest and armrests joined in a single piece designed impeccably down to the smallest detail. The vitrine cabinet becomes the iconic element of the project: with a tubular wooden structure for the base, and metal details featured on all the pieces of the collection, leather details, and smoked glass doors, ideal for a contemporary setting.

The Zero collection is designed with minimalism and clean-cut shapes in mind. The ample sized table, has two leather clad wings to support the top.  The only decorative elements are the metal inserts. The chairs, with their formal design, embody impeccable workmanship, especially in the backrest, where a flap conceals the various elements composing the structure.  The vitrine cabinet with a metal base and curved glass doors, creates yet another contrast between the lightness of these elements and the preciousness of marble and leather.

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