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Old-world Hollywood is brought back to life in the new Adele armchair 18.07.2018

Vintage movie costumes and scenery inspire this seat by MY home collection

The golden years of Hollywood produced unforgettable films which still inspire the work and creativity of designers and stylists today. Motion pictures which have become great classics, not just owing to the screenplays, but also to the choice of costumes and scenery that continue to make the general public dream and fantasize. It is specifically an inspiration filled with colour and seduction that has given rise to the new Adele armchair by MY home collection designed by Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti. Like a Hollywood diva from the 1950s, Adele is sinuously adorned with bright ‘garments’ that enhance the generous and welcoming design of the seat and backrest, padded with polyurethane foam and lined with polyester fibre for extraordinary softness and comfort.

This armchair brings to mind the sensual shape of female beauty that has now become iconic. Indeed, the frame of the backrest recalls the ultra-narrow waistline of old-world divas as it ‘explodes’ into the softness of the seat in a game of silhouettes and contrasts.  The extensive range of fabrics, leathers and velvets offered by MY home collection – just like the colour palette with its bright colours and more ‘timid’ hues – also makes it possible to customise the armchair to suit particular tastes and requirements, turning contemporary living environments into more personal and authentic venues. With soft, rounded silhouettes, the design of Adele is a genuine tribute to roundness, paying homage to the beauty and vivacity of a faraway era yet still incredibly inspirational.

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