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The bearable lightness of Zenith NRS® 04.02.2019

Falmec Zenith NRS® island hood, designed by Vittore Niolu, is a testament to formal simplicity, the example of design conceived according to the principles of lightness and minimalism.
Zenith NRS® frame is constructed of the highest quality scotch brite stainless steel, while its shelf is made with toughened glass and is available in 90 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm, always pro framed in a steel frame.

The whole body of the Zenith NRS® has a low energy LED system which gives the effect of lightness and a relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. The light glows upwards and downwards which illuminates your working area while reflecting light around the kitchen area.
Equipped with a light touch 3-speed electronic control + Booster, Zenith NRS® can also count on a powerful 800 m3/h engine without compromising high efficiency and silent operation. The hood can also be controlled directly by remote control which is installed in Falmec induction hobs thanks to the Dialogue System technology.

Zenith is characterized by the NRS® technology (Noise Reduction System), patented by Falmec, which ensures extreme silence and reduces air turbulence when operated in your kitchen.
The ‘noise’ of Zenith NRS®, like that of all the extractors in the NRS range, is reduced to a minimum (up to 86% less) thanks to an in-depth study – conducted by Falmec in collaboration with the University of Padua and laboratories specialized in fluid dynamics – on the optimization of air flows and the use of sound-absorbing materials, with the extraordinary result that hoods are practically no longer heard.

In recognition of this excellence in the field of quietness, Falmec, with its Silence collection, has obtained the certification from the English institute Quiet Mark, which certifies and recognizes the best products in the market in terms of acoustic comfort.

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