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The new gallery 3000, living tradition in a modern way 21.05.2020

duka has revisited the iconic gallery 3000 range of shower enclosures, bringing you an all-new “contemporary history” in bathroom furnishings.

gallery 3000, the collection born from a perfectly-balanced harmony between practicality and beauty, has been revamped to enhance the adaptability and flexibility of the entire series, bringing even more choice to duka’s range of products, an array with an outstanding ability to meet an immense diversity of living and lifestyle needs. Clear lines, minimalist design and new highlights are the hallmarks of a “tradition” in constant evolution.

The new gallery 3000 models have maintained all of the functional features of the original collection,
incorporated with UV adhesive technology to bond hinges to glass for ease of cleaning and to circumvent the need for screws and drill holes in the panels, safe, ergonomic handles and a harmonious hinge design for ease and adjustability of bidirectional opening. All shower enclosures feature integrated autoclose hinge mechanism and an improved seal system in ultra water-tight material which stands the test of time magnificently with no warp or change in colour.

The new gallery 3000 now offers three different installation options to suit differing tastes and planning requirements: We now offer a wall profile model, a frameless model – where the glass is the undisputed star of the show – and a model with a flush-mounted profile: In this new installation method the shower enclosure is mounted to a recessed wall profile, subtly highlighting the pure, minimalist design of the product.

All models come in 6mm safety glass and a standard height of 2 m. Not forgetting our custom sizes: one of the big advantages with duka is that we give you the opportunity to customise your shower enclosure, and to suggest specific solutions that will meet your requirements.

In addition to the glass finish options for gallery 3000 in transparent, satin, parsol grey and centred, satinated silkscreen print, duka now brings you our very latest nebula, an elegant, misty finish that radiates a sensation of freshness and light.

gallery 3000 boasts outstanding features which allow it to adapt perfectly to all and any context and enhance the beauty of the surroundings, giving you the opportunity to bring a true personalised touch to your bathroom.

Here at duka, sustainable production and respect for the environment go hand in hand. At the company headquarters in Bressanone, the South Tyrolean company carries out every single task in harmony with nature, and assumes full responsibility for the creation of sustainable products in a sustainable environment.

The Environmental Product Declaration is in internationally recognised system based on international standards ISO 14025 and EN 15804. The EPD records the environmental data of a product over the course of its lifetime and determines its ecological impact: resource consumption is precision calculated and monitored every step of the way, from the use of raw materials all the way through to disposal.

EPD certification means that duka, with gallery 3000, guarantees consumers absolute transparency and trustworthiness.

duka embodies not only the concepts of tradition in constant evolution, but also sustainability: gallery 3000* is the shower enclosure with EPD Environmental Product Declaration certification.

* gallery 3000 model GTW2L+GW2

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