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The new collection 06.12.2023

The 2024 catalogue is an inspirational journey into the most luxuriant and unspoilt nature of Portugal, its captivating atmospheres, traditions, its relaxed carefree lifestyle, and its extraordinary architecture, which preserves a fascinating past and embraces contemporary design with an approach that is simple yet sophisticated.

A journey that stems from a desire to capture the beauty, essence, and culture of this extraordinary country and use it as a shoot location for the new collection.

Going beyond mere presentation of the products, each Ethimo catalogue is a visual and conceptual narrative that highlights the deep link between man, nature, and outdoor design, a ‘diary’ that not only tells of a constant passionate search for places that reflect the brand’s Mediterranean spirit and distinctive style, but also suggests new ways of enjoying outdoor spaces.

After embracing the feel of distant Morocco, the vibrant mood of Marrakech, in presentation of last season’s new products, Ethimo now lands in Comporta, a well-preserved jewel on the Portuguese coast, overlooking the Parque Natural da Serra da Arrábida, today known as the ‘Hamptons of Europe’.

Walking along the sandy trails, the landscape reveals itself in all its splendour, with dunes rising like sculptures, lagoons with crystal-clear waters that reflect the blue sky, majestic bright green cork forests, and abundant wildlife. A rural culture of traditions, teachings and values linked to the land has allowed the development of ‘precious’ craftsmanship. Life is simple here, made of good things, marked by authentic moments and genuine human relationships. The architecture too is inspired by a simple life, the buildings with essential minimal, almost elementary, details, but which in reality stand as structures with a contemporary character.

In this union of history and modernity, nature is the true undisputed protagonist.

The Ethimo collections fit into the landscape with casual harmony and elegance, as if in homage to the perfect harmony between man and the environment that characterises this dream of a place, interpreting an ideal way of experiencing nature.

The typical ‘huts’ in Comporta, with their straw walls and fine white sand floors, overlooking the sea and embraced by lush vegetation, are the exceptional locations chosen to showcase Ethimo’s outdoor innovations for the next season. Collections with lines, materials, colours and tactile qualities that blend well with these picturesque buildings and the greenery that surrounds them, underlining the serene authentic mood, amplifying that special sensation of ‘dolce vita’ in the open air.

Outdoor Extras

The 2024 catalogue opens with a new section entitled Outdoor Extras, dedicated to new and unconventional experiences of outdoor living. Important engaging projects that go beyond the traditional concept of outdoor furniture to create new open-air scenarios that are dynamic and welcoming.

Cosmo is the shading pergola that makes the landscape habitable, the result of collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE. An architecture of large proportions that manages to express the most harmonious, tangible side of the relationship between man and the natural environment.

Phil is the first Ethimo project linked to the world of cooking, created together with Gordon Guillaumier. The new outdoor kitchen, with its characteristic cylindrical design and special nomadic configuration, offers an unprecedented concept of conviviality and a smart way of cooking in the open air.

Out-Fit is the new outdoor gym for training in the open air, created together with Studio Adolini, an element as stunning as it is functional, designed for keeping fit while surrounded by nature and promote an active outdoor lifestyle.

The new projects are joined by the iconic Hut, the contemporary nest designed by Marco Lavit, symbol of exceptional fusion between design and architecture, a ‘suspended place’ that offers an immersive experience in its surrounding landscape in a shareable space that is at the same time intimate, private, protected, and extraordinarily comfortable.

Through these conceptual expansions, Ethimo takes outside, with its own personal interpretation, the visual aspects, activities and interactions that usually take place indoors, inviting us to discover new ways of getting back in touch with nature, whatever the season or time of day.

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