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Catellani & Smith design lamps for the Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini 20.01.2017

Catellani & Smith lighting products illuminate the new ‘Casual Ristorante’ of Enrico Bartolini, the internationally renowned Michelin-starred chef.

The Casual Ristorante, that opened last April, is situated at the foot of the panoramic hill of San Vigilio in Bergamo Alta, the charming Upper part of Bergamo surrounded by sixteenth-century fortifications, which retain their original aspect and comprise historic monuments and examples of architectural beauty.

The restaurant has two large rooms and a smaller room that offers more privacy, complemented by a roof garden for use during good weather. The wide windows along the wall of the main room offer a nice view of the funicular railway, whose coaches take visitors to the highest part of the city.

Catellani & Smith developed the lighting design creating a balance between light and shadows, that matches perfectly the interiors decorated with natural materials. The interplay between different visual elements creates a cozy atmosphere that welcomes the guests, who enjoy their company while tasting the cuisine menus created by chef Bartolini, who is able to merge traditional culinary values with modern innovative techniques, creating a ‘Contemporary classic’ style of cooking.

The lights selected to deliver both a taste sensation and a lighting experience are design lamps, that contribute to create a unique atmosphere in the restaurant. There are the Lederam collection lamps in gold and white version; the elegant Jackie O Chandelier with its cascade of pendants that look like bright drops and give a touch of magic to the lighting effect; the splendid floor lamp PK Led 100, whose shade is inner lined with gold colored leaf; a Wa Wa floor lamp and the Atman ‘jewel-like’ table lamps, whose LED light source casts unexpected shapes of light through an oval crystal.

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