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The Opera collection expands with new elements 04.03.2020

Opera, designed by Riccardo Vincenzetti, is one of the most versatile collections of Newform Ufficio. Marked by minimalism and functionality, over time, it has been enriched with a series of elements responding promptly to the most urgent market needs.

Newform Ufficio has recently launched a restyling of this collection, whose iconic elements are the desk and the bookcase, both characterized by a light and at the same time complex aluminum frame. A style with soft and rounded contours supports the table tops and the bookcase modules. Thanks to their graceful shapes, these furnishings are also perfect for living solutions.

In order to improve the comfort of the working spaces, here are some innovations which combinedesign and practicality, starting from unusual finishes, such as Fenix NTM®, up to modules such as the extension for desks. Furthermore, the back supporting storages (which allow you to join multiple worktops and offer comfortable seats with fabric cushions), are particularly functional because they are double-sided: thanks to their customizable structure, you can freely access to the storage units from both sides, allowing a more versatile arrangement of the desks in the space.

Opera thus becomes an office furniture line for any space and style requirements: the design, sobriety and beauty of the project will not go unseen in executive or representative spaces and the proposed solutions will meet all architectural requirements, whether it be meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms or coworking.

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