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Kamos Pure collection for dining areas 22.04.2021

Kamos Pure is one of the widest and most versatile Newform Ufficio’s proposals: a collection with an essential design, which boasts many finishes and a wide range of materials, ideal for designing modular and customized solutions.

Whether it is private offices, meeting or waiting rooms, or even spaces dedicated to coworking, with Kamos Pure it is possible to create stylistic continuity in all corporate areas, choosing from time to time the most appropriate furnishing elements suitable for the intended use. While opting for always different compositions, customizable according to needs, you can just pick a finish to be replicable on all elements in order to move in an extremely coherent environment in terms of aesthetics.

Thanks to Kamos Pure versatility, in fact, it is possible to maintain balance and harmony not only between different offices, but also between offices and dining areas. The linear design of the tables, desks, libraries and storage units also allows you to furnish the lounge and dining areas with the same elements from other spaces, simply by studying functional ad hoc solutions.

Newform Ufficio thus offers modular elements perfect for furnishing dedicated relaxation spaces. The typical bar style round or rectangular tall tables, and a wall system with storage base cabinets to hide, behind sliding or hinged doors, everything you may need to have a meal during a short break. Moreover, there are also discreet, essential, but fundamental recycling bins, especially to facilitate good recycling practices even in the most crowded environments. Finally, to give a decorative touch, Saturno wall units, with their hexagonal shape allow you to create always different and customizable compositions.

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