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The shower enclosure as an innovative furnishing element 18.12.2019

duka enhances its product range by now offering the iconic acqua 5000 and acqua R 5000 with chromium mirror glass and the libero 3000 with elegant black profiles.

acqua 5000 and acqua R 5000 with their rigorous lines, born from the perfect fusion between design and high technology, are now available with chromium mirror glass, representing aesthetic solutions with great optical effect.

The mirror glass is manufactured in a complex chrome plating process under vacuum, by cathodic pulverization, without the deposition of silver or aluminum on the surface. The new finish does not impact in any way the performance of the glass. It can be tempered and treated to counteract halos and limestone. In addition, the glass is resistant to scratches, condensation, acid attacks and salt spray and is particularly suitable for rooms with high humidity.

The Walk-In shower enclosure libero 3000 with its new black finish, personates the synthesis of an elegant formal and expressive balance, emphasizing a more contemporary and metropolitan mood.

By expanding the product range, duka is now more than ever capable of satisfying different lifestyle and housing demands. Thanks to the special finishes, acqua 5000acqua R 5000 and libero 3000 create a modern and fashionable setting, enhancing the architecture of the rooms and transforming them into unique environments with great personality.

Hence, our shower enclosures are much more than an everyday item, becoming extraordinary objects of furnishing that are capable of interacting with light, making the space fluid and dynamic.

acqua 5000acqua R 5000 and libero 3000 reconcile clean, contemporary lines and tradition.

Once again, the products embody the striving for aesthetic purity and the essential criteria of innovation, practicality, safety, high quality and customization that have always characterized duka shower enclosures.

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